Opening the same PowerBI file multiple times….

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Today, I opened accidentally twice the same PBIX file. The standard behaviour would have been an error message, saying that you can’t open the same pbix multiple times.

But…. no warning! No error! Curious I tried it a third and a fourth time and – still no error! I’m pretty sure, I haven’t seen this behaviour before. So I reached out to the Twitter community.   confirmed my observation in brief time. Continue reading “Opening the same PowerBI file multiple times….”

Export datasets from Power BI Service to CSV using VBA

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Downloading a Power BI Dataset with VBA wasn’t really a thing I planned to do until Microsoft released the new PBI Usage datasets. In this article, I’ll describe the steps to export datasets from Power BI Service to CSV using VBA.

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Power BI Project Checklist

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Just preparing for the next BI project, I thought that maybe it would be useful for Power BI users out there to have an adapted checklist for Power BI projects.

I promise, I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possibly……..
If you don’t agree with the checklist or feel that something is missing, please let me know.

PBI Projekt Checklist_V1.01 - enPower BI Project Checklist – new update version 1.01 – 12.06.2017



Iterating over an unknown number of pages in Power Query – avoid endless loops

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The topic of Iterating over an unknown number of pages in Power Query has been covered many times. The first one I know was Matt Masson, who used the technique of a pre-generated list of page numbers (PageRange = {1..10000}).

This technique works well but may result in a long query execution time or could even run in a time-out by hitting the throttling limit on certain pages.

Omri Avissar came up with a new solution. Its benefit is shorter execution time and a reduced chance to run in a time-out. A great solution! Continue reading “Iterating over an unknown number of pages in Power Query – avoid endless loops”

Quick Measures in Power BI Desktop

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With the Power BI Desktop April 2017 release (see here), Microsoft introduced a few game changers. There are

  • Quick measures and show value as (preview)
  • Connect to datasets in the Power BI service (preview)
  • Add column by example

I’ll describe this three game changers in separate blog entries. This entry describes Quick Measures in Power BI Desktop. Continue reading “Quick Measures in Power BI Desktop”

Reuse your queries in Power BI

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Probably every one of us has encountered a situation, where he had to solve a problem he had already solved once. But where is the query or the PBI solution with this query??
Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to reuse your queries in Power BI Desktop or Excel?

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Power Bi consumed my hard disk space

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Yes, I have to admit – my laptop is an old one. And yes, I never cleaned it up. New apps here, new data there. But I always thought that with 237 GB I’d be fine for a while. Instead, Power BI consumed my hard disk space!

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Export data to SQL

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Since the launch of Power Query and even more Power BI Desktop, there have always been questions about the possibility to export data to SQL Databases from Power Query or Power BI.

As of today this isn’t possible as neither Power Query nor Power BI Desktop offers a native way to do that. But it works with the implementation of “R”, at least in Power BI Desktop.

But before we dive into the topic, I have to admit that usually I write my blogs in German. So, please I apologize if you have trouble understanding my writing…..  Continue reading “Export data to SQL”